The End Of The Road For The Benin Electricity Distribution Company (BEDC): This Nonsense Must Stop!

By Marxist Kola

The history of social movement in contemporary times in Nigeria will not be complete without reference to the social consciousness and courageous posture of activists in Edo State. At least it is of common knowledge that the agitation and the eventual removal of fix charges from electricity bills has its root in Edo State as the intellectual engagements, street actions and passive resistance cum civil disobedience were veritable tools in the interment of Fixed Charges in Electricity Billings in Nigeria.

While Edo people and other states under the coverage of BEDC were about to hive a sigh of relief upon the removal of fixed charges despite the epileptic power supply, the promoters of BEDC came up with other criminal tactics with a view to ‘nicodemusly’ introduce the now dead fixed charges into the bills of consumers who are now subjected to estimated/outrageous billings. Let it be noted that it is the duty of BEDC to provide meters, poles, and wires for consumers free of charge as required by law/regulation.

Quite sadly, our people have now been greeted with deliberate outrageous and ungodly bills possibly to recoup the lost grounds arising from the removal of fix charges and to also unleash torture and economic terror in the height of absence of light on our people.

We were very disturbed when our attention was called to the mail sent to all the Business Managers (BMs) at the various Business Units (BU) directing them to further visit pains on our people.

The mail from the BEDC top management reads thus:
‘Dear BMs, Find attached compilation of metered customers as it relates to your respective business units, kindly indicate under the column labelled Status whether the meter is Functional, Obsolete or Non Functional. Note that any meter beyond 15years should be tagged as Obsolete. Completed excel template for each BU should be received on or before COB on Monday 25th April, 2016. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation. Regards,’

Obviously, the chemistry behind tagging any meter beyond 15years as obsolete is to justify the ungodly bills sent to customers in the last 2months and possibly to create a vista for estimated billings. One may ordinarily wonder and ask if transformers beyond 15years will also be declared obsolete?????

While more perilous times are expected from this common criminals if no step is taken, it can only be needful to nail this capitalists (BEDC) and primitive thieves once and for all. It is expected that in the next few hours, the core promoters of the social movement in Edo State and beyond (NOCSON, EDOSCO, CONGOS and OTHERS) must urgently meet to save our people from this broad day light robbers and ensure the entire state is fully mobilized for a showdown on all BEDC office or else we must be ready to proceed to Golgotha to be crucified.

I hereby propose Monday the 2nd day of May, 2016 for a total showdown and picketing of all the BEDC BUSINESS UNITS/DISTRICTS IN EDO STATE. This may be seen as a long walk but it certainly will usher freedom.

Abraham Oviawe Esq.
Network of Civil Society Organization of Nigeria (NOCSON)

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