Face Of Independence Nigeria 2015/2016 'Queen Cynthia Adinmah' Celebrates Birthday

By Alex Nwankwo

As part of showcasing Nigeria\'s talent to a multi-cultural society,the current brand face of

independence Nigeria 2015/2016 \'Queen Cynthia Adinmah\' is presently on an outreach in bayelsa.state(one of the south-south regions in Nigeria),where she is giving out over 200(two hundred)free mosquito nets to two different communities in the state(kolo ogbia/bebelebri2) and also malaria test+free medical check-ups and free malaria drugs.

As a means to empower and support our society in rural areas where malaria happens to be a deadly sickness in Africa. Queen Cynthia Adinmah urges Africans to contribute to our growing community by playing there role in ensuring that our society becomes a malaria-free society.

Nigeria as a nation encourages young entrepreneurs who tends to be outstanding in their pursuit for excellence and Cynthia Adinmah is already crafting a well recognised image by single-handedly financing these project to add colour to her exclusive birthday party.

The birthday party which will feature top Nigeria celebrities,fashion designers,entrepreneurs, musicians and models is scheduled to hold on the 23/04/016 @ the prestigious Aridolf Resort centre yenegoa town in Bayelsa state.

For details; www.facebook.com/Cynthia Adinmah.
Www.faceofindepence Nigeia.com‎