Iyanya in Compromising Pose with a Mystery Lover (Pictures)

Source: Nigeriafilms.com

Lover boy, Iyanya is at his game once again. Do you know that we caught him with another lady? We are not talking about Freda Francis. This lady is a mystery woman and he has shared a picture of them snuggling with a twisted caption.

Rumours of Freda and Iyanya's breakup started early January and questions were asked without replies. Iyanya had deleted all the pictures he took with Freda and even unfollowed her on Instagram. He only left one she took with Ubi Franklin and Lillian Esoro.

Freda didn't delete his pictures with her but just left the platform for a while before she came back. She is taking her time after the hit from the social media about her affair with Iyanya. She has not spoken ill of the singer neither has Iyanya spoken bad of her too.

One lady who has not been able to easily forgive the singer is Yvonne Nelson. The scandal from that affair had dabbed Iyanya as a very bad lover. However, that affair didn't stop Iyanya from loving again. He has loved but things seem not be falling in line with him to really get serious and marry like Ubi, his manager.

Iyanya captioned the picture with this new lady “No days off,” Do you know who she is? Maybe, she is the lady that will replace Emma Nyra in his label. Too many questions that only Iyanya and time can tell us. For now, we wish him the other best in his music career.