Drama: Trouble Hits Davido HKN Camp

Source: Hope Efoghe/Nigeriafilms.com

Beef is no longer a new thing among entertainers, just as cyber outburst is not also a new thing. Our celebrities practically share everything going on about them on their platforms, which have made people have a better idea on the latest about them.

From the start of this year, there has been series of beef happening between artistes, though one might say it's uncalled for, but they apparently enjoy it, as some use it for publicity.

The recent beef situation is between HKN Boss, Davido who recently bagged a mouth watering deal with Pepsi.

This deal seems to be the bone of contention as the artiste claimed to have been envied by a label mate.

He ranted about it saying, his label mate hated on his successful deal with Pepsi and the success of his new artiste.

Although the name of the hater was not mentioned, but he surely gave a clue to whom the culprit might be, as he stated the individual to be his blood.

We all know that B-red is his cousin, as well as Shina Rambo; it's also known that Bred seems to be closer to him and he's practically everywhere Davido goes. Could he be referring to Bred?