Man Escapes Being Set Ablaze by Nagging Wife

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo -

According to PM news, a woman named Florence Njideka Chukwuma, has been arrested by the police at State Criminal Investigation Department, SCID, Panti, Yaba over an alleged attempt on the life of her husband, Chinedu.

Florence was alleged to have bought a gallon of petrol which she poured on Chinedu's body, she then took a lighter to set him ablaze during a quarrel.

However, before she could achieve her goal, Chinedu wriggled free, jumped the fence and escaped, suffering various injuries.

She also allegedly destroyed some vehicles, house properties worth millions of naira, chased Chinedu out of their matrimonial home and took over the house built by Chinedu, who has now initiated a divorce suit to end the 18-year old marriage.

Florence is however insisting that she will not quit the marriage because she already has five children and the marriage was consummated for life. Chinedu alleged that the marriage has broken down due to constant fighting, nagging, intimidation and harassment by Florence.