My Granny Refused to Smile With me...Cynthia Morgan

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Nigerian female dancehall artiste, Cynthia Morgan, is one singer that has taken fans by surprise since coming into the industry which sees few ladies do her style of songs and she has been keeping it real.

The singer, who is known for funny style of dressing especially mixing colours of hairs, recently showed love to her grandma who she claimed took care of her from birth.

According to her, her granny never wanted to have the photo with her but she had to force her to do it and even smile. “Granny it is a selfie ooo. Can you just smile for me. I was struggling for a selfie with my granny, she dint want it (laughs). She is my celebrity, I am a fan of how she groomed me from 0 years old. I LOVE YOU GRANDMA.”