I Stated Dating Girls at Young Age…Mike Godson

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nigeriafilms.com

Handsome Nollywood actor, Mike Godson, has just given a surprise revelation of things he has done in the past especially while growing as a kid.

According to the actor who seems to be from a wealthy home, at an early age, he was already in a relationship as he will always sneak to his girlfriend's apartment and when her mum comes back, the girl hides him in the toilet.

The actor made this disclosure while pondering on how time flies and how he will have to be paying bills which naturally were being done by his parents but now he has no choice but to do them.

In his words, “I miss my childhood days when I don't have to pay bills. All I do is sleep and wake up to get ready for school. When I get to school and its break time, I will sneak out through the back gate and go home. When they ask me at home why I came back so early, I simply tell them I was having a running stomach and the teacher asked me to go home. When I am hungry, I go straight to my mums purse and take some money.

“When my parents lock me in the house, I just sneak out through the window to go check my girlfriend in the next compound. And if her mother comes back from the market, she hides me in their closet. When I am in church with my parents, my friends would signal me for a hit. We would escape to another church to go beat up some kids. Life was so easy as a child. But now things are different! When you pay millions to your land lord when your rent is due, you will go back inside crying like a little child wishing you could beat him up and collect all the money, wishing you could turn into that little cute boy you used to be. The young has grown, boys to men,” he added.