Exposed: Top Media Outfits Hired to BringDown PTAD DG

By Godwin Ogan

Revelations have emerged that the recent media attacks on the PTAD DG, Mrs. Nellie Mayshak; are not only premeditated, but coordinated and have the sole purpose of smearing the image of Mrs. Mayshak.

Sources reveal that the sponsors of this campaign are highly placed Nigerians, with ties to the previous pension management cabal.

A couple of months ago, the name Nellie Mayshak was associated with success, professionalism and happy pensioners; but in recent days, the lady has been in the news for the opposite reasons. “Why?” is the question many will ask; but only few can answer.

It is obvious that the gang up against the PTAD DG is not politically motivated. She was suspended, to pave way for a free probe of her activities as DG. She was suspended, not disengaged; a clear indication that, she hasn’t been found wanting yet, and she is a good asset to the change agenda.

It has been revealed that, top media gurus and companies were commissioned to attack the embattled DG. The sole aim was to change the public perception of her, from positive to negative. It has been confirmed that a Lagos based media consultancy firm is in charge of this smear campaign.

How all this will play out is still unknown; but it is becoming clear that Mrs. Nellie is still an asset to the current administration, but unfortunately, stepped on the wrong toes.