Entertainers Should Share Their Problems with Close Friends…Ruggedman Blasts

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nigeriafilms.com

The sudden death of popular Nigerian singer, Nomoreloss, is still a shock to many as some people are yet to come to terms that the singer is no more.

The singer passed away some few weeks back through a brief illness which some of his colleagues claim they never knew about.

Yesterday April 7, 2016, a service of songs was held on his behalf and friends, families and the media were there to pay their respect for the singer but got a shocker they least expected from singer Ruggedman.

Ruggedman known for his bluntness took the stage to address what he had earlier said that when the singer was alive, the media never gave him the supported he needed but now turn up after he died.
He also urged his colleagues to try to inform close friends atleast about any funny situation they might be going through so that help could come from whoever is willing to help.

According to him, “Whatever problem you are going through, even if you cannot tell everybody in this world, tell people who are close to you.” And to the press, he said, “While [Nomoreloss] was alive and doing his thing, we didn't see these men with camera.”