Wahala Dey! Rayce, You Have 24hrs to Drop My Trademark- Oritsefemi

Source: Nigeriafilms.com
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The trouble started when Rayce and Danku shot a video with Oritsefemi's MSN logo without permission and he threatened to sue them early this year. The Double Wahala singer is threatening Rayce and has given him barely 24 hours to take down his logo or there would trouble in town.

Rayce has been officially signed to the controversial MSG Gang. The management company is currently in dispute as Oritsefemi and his ex-manager, Danku both lay claim to the company, making the fight messier.

Oritsefemi is now demanding that Rayce do as he says or... “I am not commanding you...I just want to use this medium to advise you to take off my company 's msn gang trade mark you have been using to promote your platform please...because you know you have never been signed under the label...Am saying this because I gave you your first ever visa and took you to the international airport for the first time...”

“Also paid for your flight to and gave you bta in dollars, now you desire to pay me back by backstabbing me...Am a nice young man with too much understanding that is why am advising you...Brother am so sorry to say this but am giving you a maximum of 24hours to take off my msn gang trademark off your platform. If not...I don't want anyone should blame me for my next action cheers.”