Do You Agree With Daddy Freeze That Money doesn't Guarantee Happiness in Marriage?

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Daddy Freeze is back with a hit and this time the hit is for the ladies and single guys who have been under pressure to get married fast either by their parents or old age.

The popular OAP pointed out that marriage is not union ladies just think they can dabble into without first asking themselves if they are actually ready for it.

Recall that Freeze also has had a fair share of a failed marriage, but he has come out to note that even God does not like a broken home. “Does a good GOD want you in a bad marriage?? The answer is NO!”

In his words, “Ladies don't rush into marriage because you are getting old, or because your parents want a grandchild or because you feel that if you are not married after a certain age you are deemed a failure.

Marriage does not determine success; on the contrary, failure can be a result of a Bad Marriage. Always settle for long term happiness, even if it means short term discomfort.”

He further stressed that people should look for a partner that shares common goals with them and not financial helper because money doesn't guarantee happiness in marriage.

“If you can't make yourself happy no one else can! Don't be waiting for a man or woman to be your emotional or financial helper, instead look for someone that shares common goals, interests and perception with you and strive to achieve the goals together! There is no greater pain than the anguish of a Bad Marriage don't become the next victim!Money doesn't guarantee happiness in marriage,” he added.