God Was The Father Figure I Never Had on Earth- TY Bello

Source: Nigeriafilms.com

Growing up without a father can be traumatic for kids who always associate with those with Kids. TY Bello who was featured on Teaser 3 of Kemi Adetiba's “King Women” shared what it means growing without a father and who the first father figure she was introduced to while growing up.

TY is not a stranger especially after discovering Olajumoke Orisaguna the street seller turned 'model' this year during Tinie Tempah visit to Nigeria, when they met up for a This Day Style magazine photo shoot and Olajumoke was caught in the mix.
While talking about her father she never knew, she said“So I went to friend's house, and her father had came back from Paris and had bought them this exotic chocolate. Growing up I had never seen Toblerone and then my friend goes- do you know what this is? This is Toblerone, have you ever seen Toblerone before. My dad bought me Toblerone.

So you don't have a dad? Who will buy you toblerone? You see this sounds like nothing but for a little girl, it meant everything. I don't have a dad, that's why nobody bought me Toblerone And for the very. first time in my life like, they had something I don't have. That is why I am so glad that no one sold me the wrong father figure because I would have quickly embraced t
God was the first father figure that was sold to me.”