2Baba Babymama Reveals How She felt When Annie Got the Ring

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nigeriafilms.com

2Baba babymama, Sumbo Adeoye, who is now happily married, has recently disclosed how she felt when Annie Idibia got the wedding ring instead of her.

The mother of two had in a recent invent organized for single parents at the Royalty Christian Centre, called on the women to be bold enough in whatever they are doing and never to be too desperate.

According to her, “I remember the day when my baby daddy proposed to his girlfriend, I was on the list of those that will take praise in church for that Wednesday. Well I had known what was going on but it didn't affect me because I had known what I want, so I had let go of that choice for God's will for me.
So I came to church, I was leading the Praise session and everyone was just looking at me with pity eyes like 'omo yi o mo nkan ti on sele (this girl doesn't know what's going on o)'. After service, one sister even came to me and said It is well and in my mind, I am like what happened, did somebody die.

"The person felt I was faking that I wasn't hurt by the proposal but she and the others didn't know I had been healed by God for my own expected end. So don't be desperate. That bobo that you are killing yourself over and putting yourself in strategic places over, may not be God's choice for you, but if he is God's choice for you, like Mary's spouse, Joseph in the Bible, God will fix it."

Concluding the message, her husband, Pastor David Adeoye, said: “I have the happiest marriage on earth today because I love my wife and our sons. Don't hide your child from your spouse. If they can't love your child with you, then they don't deserve you.”…. my wife, chop kiss jor.”