Yvonne Nelson Compares A Lady ‘s Skin Discoloration with Roasted Plantain

Source: Nigeriafilms.com
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Yvonne Nelson has never escaped the bleaching saga. She was once featured as one of the African actresses who bleached their skins in an international tabloid years back but she has always denied that. This brings us to today's news...It was supposed to be an innocent support for a sheabutter cream when Yvonne Nelson compared a lady's bleached fingers to a roasted plantain but her comment is giving some people discomfort because of the comparison.

She once said: “My present skin tone is as a result of the constant use of the famous Queen Elizabeth Cocoa Butter. About 3 years ago, I was fortunate enough to secure a deal to be the 'Face of Queen Elizabeth Cocoa Butter' and as part of the contract, I was given a lifetime supply of the body cream. I have therefore been using this cream exclusively for 3 years, so what you see now is the result of the goodness of Queen Elizabeth. It has simply enhanced my natural complexion rather than bleach it.”

Her latest tweet said when comparing a lady with roasted platntain “Roasted plantain. Anyone? Did the person use cocoa butter? O She needs Sheabutter rather”

Do you think that comparison from Yvonne is appropriate?