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Best of two worlds…the cross-over acts


Having the best of two worlds is probably the best way to describe their lot. And their only ticket to this dream world is simple: ability to communicate effectively in two or more of the 'official' languages of the local movie industry. That is, of course, taking the basic talent of acting for granted.

This crop of actresses are not only enjoying the best of two worlds, but their names and flicks are on the lips of every movie buff and industry watchers. Beautiful faces most of them. Goddesses in their own rights who, out there in the make-believe world, have grown to be seen as gold fish without hidding place – moving with ease from English to Yoruba and Igbo flicks and back to English again – losing no details, no effect nor appeal. Welcome to the world of Nollywood's cross-over queens.

Liz Benson:
Beautiful. Sexy. Ageless. Monstrously talented. This top rated English movie star and mother of three has featured in countless English movie flicks. A non-Yoruba, she made a cross over into yoruba films with Tunji Bamishigbin's Eeku Ida where she demonstrated her skill as a remarkable actress. Her delivery of the Yoruba language was very commendable. Apart from this Liz has also made appearances in a few other Yoruba works in recent times.

Rachael Oniga:
Fair complexioned as Liz and with her trade mark mole, Rachael is a household name. And she has also come a long way in Nollywood and her profession. In both English and Yoruba movies, she's excelled so much and is still doing so. In fact, she is one of the few Nollywood queens that have criss-crossed the two terrain without a hitch. Mentioning the works this talented and ageless actress has featured in would be herculian. In both, she's remained very visible.

Sola Sobowale:
Toyin Tomato needs no introduction. Her roles in the make-believe world of acting has more than shot her into limelight. Talented and equally light complexioned movie queen who is more at home in movies as a 'cantankerous, troublesome and no-nonsense woman today is enjoying the best of two worlds and her popularity has soared exceedingly in both sectors. Ironically, her personality out of the klieglights is completely different from the nagging troublemaker she often acts.

Omotola Jalade
Beautiful, sexy and talented Omo.T cut her teeth as a superb actress in the movie, 'Mortal Inheritance' several years back. With a lot of other scintillating roles and awards to show today, very enterprising Omotola suddenly made a cross over to the Yoruba movie scene few years ago with a lead role in Kosorogun (No Rival) and Oyato - both subtitled in English. With this appearances, the lively, head-turning mother of four became a toast of producers of that sector of the industry. Although many say she can sometimes be nasty and rude, Omotola remains every producer's dream star and the delight of every home video connoisseur.

Ayo Adesanya Hassan:
Sexy eyeballs but who, unfortunately for her male admirers, is married, is a well known English actress. Her inroad into the Yoruba movie scene came through Iru-Oka. She has since followed it up with Eebu Ika which she produced alongside Gboko Gboko (Husband Snatcher) and 'Otelemuye. Ayo has starred in numerous English flicks before her foray into the Yoruba movie sector. Her major break was in an English flick titled 'Most Wanted' a few years ago. She's now a popular face as a cross-over queen.

Shan George:
There is a foreign accent to her Yoruba, but that is even part of the attraction to this mulatto-fair controversial and blunt Shan. Having made her mark as a talented English movie queen, Cross River-born Shan was one of the first to dabble into the Yoruba movie sector. Although her deficiency in the language was very obvious and questionable, the daring lady showcased a lot of skill in flicks such as, 'K.K.K', Larinlodu', Timba Taye Wa alongside other top Yoruba actress and actress in that genre.

Steph Nora-Falana:
Formerly Steph-Nora Okere, her appearance in 'Awenibaku' alongside other yoruba acts actually brought out the ingenuity in this beautiful actress. Steph's role in this movie was interpreted so well that her identity as a non-Yoruba lady became a doubt. Apart from Awenibaku, she has also demonstrated her skill in another Yoruba flick titled 'Aye Jobele'. And again she proved her prowess. Steph Nora's adventure as an actress started from the English movie world. Today, she's a notable cross over queen who is enjoying the best of the two worlds.

Grace Amah:
It is difficult to believe Grace has grown so much in so short a time. This young and talented English actress has criss-crossed both the English and Yoruba movie sector without any hassles. She is one of the few whose faces have been most regular as cross-overs. Grace had a swift appearance in Tunji Bamisigbin's Eeku Ida where she played the role of the daughter of rich parents. This petite actress and model has starred in Iru-Oka, Bimbo Oshin's 'Eji Owuro' and Bukky Wright's Agbeke. Interestingly, she proved her worth in these flicks. Again, she's not even Yoruba.

Bukky Wright:
Must all of them be fair skinned? Bukky Wright, again, is invitingly light complexioned. Mother of two, Bukky has become the toast of many movie buffs because of her dexterity at interpreting her roles both in Yoruba and English movies. Her proficiency and ability to interpret roles almost perfectly has endeared her to the heart of both English and Yoruba movie producers. Apart from being a formidable cross-over queen she has also become a producer with four Yoruba flicks to show for it. She started off as a Yoruba actress, today the two sectors have become familiar terrain to her. And she's even on a running English soap.

Foluke Daramola:
Hugely busty, dark and lovely. In her early days, she was more of a screen actress. Foluke became popular through her spectacular role in the. soap Palace some years ago. She thereafter made an in-road into the English movie scene that has today made her one of the queens in Nollywood. At the moment, Foluke has continued to show her skill in the Yoruba movie sector with and the English scene without any fuss.

Bimbo Akintola:
Very versed and talented Bimbo has never disappointed her fans and admirers since her superlative role in award winning 'Owo Blow' released several years ago.
Till date, Bimbo has remained a force in both English and yoruba movie sector. Her appearance yoruba flicks may not be constant, but she is one of those actresses soaring in the two areas.

Jumai Joseph:
This 'leggy' actress has the English movie scene as her background, but today she has veered into the Yoruba movie sector and she's exploring the two to the fullest. One of her appearances was in 'Ale Ariwo' which also featured Foluke Daramola, Lola Alao, Funso Adeola, Yemi Solade etc.

Lilian Bach:
Although, actress and model Lilian Bach has always been a regular face in English flicks, but she has also crossed over to the Yoruba movie arena. The few roles she has played in yoruba and her lines could not be faulted. And she seems to be enjoying the glitz and fame.

Joke Jacobs:
She's known to be a very versatile role interpreter on stage, screen and a role model to several upcoming actresses. This woman has also showcased her expertise as a cross over queen in Bekun Bekun and a yet to be released Opin Irin Ajo. In these two flicks her performance was simply wonderful.

Lepa Shandy:
She started off as an English actress, but veered into the Yoruba sector where she hit the limelight. Her role as Lepa Shandy in a Yoruba film of the same title probably shot her into the heart of a lot of people, today she is enjoying the best of two worlds having starred also in other English films.

Ronke Ojo:
She has been a yoruba actress for some years. Ronke a.k.a. Oshodi Oke could be said not to have disappointed her fans. In recent times she has also veered into the English sector where she did not also fail to do well.