No Lover for Now So I Care for Ladies That Flock Around Me…L.A.X

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/
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Star Boy records signee, Damilola Afolabi a.k.a. L.A.X, is getting set to release some hit singles anytime soon and he is ensuring that the necessary things are put in place.

Managing his way through female fans knowing that it comes with stardom, the billionaire son of Taiwo Afolabi, has disclosed that he so much loves women and he ensures he cares for them as the flock around him.

He noted that he has been able to accept female fans around him because he does not have any main lady he can describe as his lover and with his big heart; he can accommodate as many ladies that comes his way.

On whether ladies flock around him considering his fame, “Of course, they do sometimes. I love women so I take care of all that come my way. I have a very big heart. There is no main girl right now. I just need a girl who understands me, but it is really hard to settle for one.”