Group Says No Going Back On Call For Resignation Of CBN Governor. Accuses Mr. Emefiele Of Renting Supporters

By Kelvin Adegbenga

The Save Nigeria Anti corruption Initiative is worried by the desperate attempt by the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Mr. Godwin Emefiele to cover up the numerous allegations of incompetencies and corruption against him, as already exposed to Nigerians through revelations about how the bank under his supervision illegally recruited Children of some influential Nigerians without recourse to due process, his involvement in the $2.1b arms deal now known as DasukiGate amongst other glaring allegations which warranted our demand for his immediate resignation as Governor of the CBN.

It is sad that Mr. Emefiele and his co travellers have assumed that our country remain a place where people no longer blush because we have lost our skin to corruption both of intellect and finance, as the fastest growing industry.

We are amused by reports in some section of the media,

credited to a Coalition of Civil Society Organisations, who rose in support of the ineptitude and corrupt leadership of the Nigerian Central Bank under Mr. Emefiele. It is sad that at a time in our history as a Nation struggling to overcome the numerous challenges that have made life increasingly unbearable to our people, some persons could still consciencelessly rise in defense of a man, under whose leadership, the core responsibilities of the country's apex bank have been handled with so much incompetence and arbitrariness.

For a group like the coalition of civil society groups whose activities in the past have been progressive and pro people, It is quite unfortunate that such a group like the coalition of civil society group could openly embrace excesses of corruption in the face of truth in support of an incompetent CBN Governor. Simple economic theory illustrates the failure of a Governor of central bank in which a non economist like an Ifeanyi Ubah of capital oil could educate the likes of Emiefele and co in CBN on economic matters and still get quick result which is a testimony to our struggle that Mr. Godwin Emiefele must resign.

It is pathetic to see how we have lost our sense of shame after loosing our sense of propriety and proportion. How we have develop a skin that is so thick that no arrows of degradation no matter how sharp and violent penetrate our body or rouse our senses. How did we slide into the the present state of stupor? How did we plunge into this state of dysconsciousness?

Catastrophes (like Mr.Emefiele) that will shake normal societies to their very foundation leaves us un fazed. Tyrants in "civilian suits" whip us with scorpions and expect us to smile yet.

Mr. Godwin Emefiele will go down in history of governors of the Central Bank of Nigeria as the worst, the most corrupt and the biggest failure.

How do you classify a man as such height under whose watch politicians and other public functionaries emptied our treasury and squandered our patrimony/ commonwealth right before our very eyes, and he as a guard and watch urges us as a captain to shout "ranka dede"!

Are we a psychologically intimidated people, morally weakened and politically wasted, so indolent and so unmindful of our dignity? Are we so reprobate, so oblivious of the crimes of those who rule us because we have lost the capacity to recognise their malefactions as crimes? In other land and climes, public officials such as Godwin Emefiele should be facing prosecutions for his many complexities and simply asking for his resignation is only mild.

When some decades ago, the dynamic Dele Giwa typified Nigerians as having gone beyond shock, he was right or what more shock could have explained even a State Governor's defense of Emefiele calling his critics "palm wine drinkers" when in actual fact his own administration is better described as one which thrives on cheap but hard substance.

As a group, like in the words of Niyi Osundare's Round and round in cycle of shame;

The bribed, the briber, all the same
In a land so discrepit, so decayed
Justice always denied forever delayed.
We believe that the current effort of President Buhari to unravel the detail of how over two billion dollars of money belonging to Nigerians was squandered by some very few, cannot be successful until the man, under whose watch these funds were moved out of the CBN, is called to questioning.

Like a frightful aggressive cancer, corruption has metastasized to the vital cells of our polity and the symptoms are everywhere, perverted morals and criminals in place of leaders.

It is only organised mass action from conscious Nigerians that can eliminate the cankerworm and if then our gate keeper of the treasury lacks ideas, it

is like making an unqualified hand, a night guard to a house filled with valuables

We reiterate our demands for the resignation of Mr. Godwin Emefiele, as the governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria before the expiration of our 14days ultimatum, after which we will move Nigerians out to occupy the CBN until he is shown the way out.

We must all be prepared to rescue Nigerians from the hand of the economic saboteurs and join the effort rebuild our nation.

Solidarity Forever
Comrade Femi Lawson. Mallam Tanko Usman
Executive Director. Assistant General Secretary