Actress Foluke Daramola Goes Brutal, Warns Desperate Girls

Source: Maryjane Ezeh /
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Yoruba Star Actress and producer Foluke Daramola-Salako is really embittered this Thursday morning and her concerns centers on desperate Nigerian girls who wants to travel out of Nigeria by all means.

The controversial movie maker warns that for the fear of being turned into a sex slave, our young girls should be mindful of who they travel with.

"Be careful where you travel to. Really we do not deny our sisters the right to have a white but many girls have suffered the worst humiliations due to be fallen on evil white and sado mazochistes with sadistic sexual practices. the result is image. be careful sisters.

Don't travel because you just want to enter plane. Be. Careful.African agents are wicked and money-minded. They can sell even there own sister for money..We will never stop telling you... Most of our girls are desperate. In abroad, they grow wings and sees talking to there brothers as stooping so low. Rather they prefer those cockroaches who will storm on them and use them as rags. If any slavery exist these days... They put themselves into it..... I wish you call your daughter, sister , mother, aunt etc and make sure they are alright where they are. Though most of them can't shamefully tell you the truth. Some are traped and can't even make calls. You keep complaining she has forgotten you," she wrote.