Things Nomoreloss Said about His Lifestyle Before Death


“I drink, I smoke, I do everything.” That was what Normoreloss said in an interview. Did he tried to quiet those habits? He only said that the Bible says that in everything, moderation should be applied and he was not doing them to get himself killed by those habits. Of course, those habits never killed him but typhoid that took him to the hospital.

Nomoreloss never believed in the maxim 'Happily ever after'. He said that there will always be quarrels but sorry was one word that can change everything. He said that he saw his wife as his girlfriend but there were restrictions between the two of them “My wife and I go to night clubs. We drink together. She does skimpy. You no go fit tell say she don born and men they toast am 24-7. We don't touch each other's phones. Not that we can't touch it, but it's a case of 'anything your eye see there, don't get angry'. We don't lock our phones, but we have an understanding. And I think that's the most important thing.”

Marriage was very challenging just like every other family but Nomoreloss and wife made up their minds early to do things differently. She has her own radio show and she has her own TV thing she's trying to do and he allows her do her things.