Psquare Lambasted by Fans For Using Social Media to Settle Feud


Nigerians can now think of something better to settle after the Psquare brothers saw foolishness in what they did during the fight they recently had. This is the second time, thousands of fans, celebrities and politicians are coming together to make peace for these three men. Some fans are glad that they have reconciled while some are in the opinion that Peter did the right thing by exposing their dirty lining on the social media.

A fan said “The worst is to die in silence. I like that Peter spoke out, now the issues have been sorted justly and maturely. Quarrel amongst siblings and even spouses is very normal. He is a liar who says he has never disagreed with family.

We are all guilty- some of us have worse going on in our families. But for them, this is the price they pay for fame”

We know of the story of Patience Erdoo Yisa, an upcoming Nollywood actress who literally cried out her eyes for Psquare to unite again. But a fan who would never cry for these grown up men said “Next time you have family issues please keep it off social media”

Most of their fans think it was a stunt to sell themselves and music, something that Peter denied, insisting that they were having family issues. This was why this fan have to say this “They reconciled too fast if you ask me. Them never fix dem wahala and it's only a matter of time before they come and disturb us again”