NFC Exclusive: Why IK Ogbonna Calls Me His Witch- Sexy Colombian Wife

Source: Maryjane Ezeh /

Nollywood actor and model, Ik Ogbonna is married to a sexy Colombian wife, Sonia Morales, who is also the mother of his second child Ace.

Saying that Nollywood actor IK Ogbonna has a very hot wife is an understatement. Sonia who now mostly stays in Nigeria can be said to be the hottest celebrity wife right now, and many won't argue.

In a recent chat with, Ms Sonia reveals how she feels at a sexy mother at 24.

" I'm such a sexy mother (laughs). Motherhood is an amazing experience. It's every woman's dream. It's also one of the most important decisions ever in the life of every woman. Despite that, it's also very challenging.
?I'm just 24; going 25, quite young and had my first child at the right age too. Motherhood is a very beautiful experience. It fulfills me. It builds a woman's confident," she chatted happily.

On how she supports her husband and why he sees and calls her his witch, the ever lively and dramatic Sonia added that she's the strong force behind her husband's intimidating success

"I support my husband and his chosen career. I pray for him, take care of his home and son. Since we got to know better, good things started coming his way. He is used to say I'm his witch (laughs)"