Toolz Blows Hot Over Lady Admiring Her Handsome Husband

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Popular Nigerian On-air-personality, Toolz Oniru, is still preparing for her White wedding, but with the traditional marriage done, she has gotten the traditional backing to have her man all to herself.

The OAP has got no chill pill for any lady that is found sniffing her nose around her husband as she seems to be monitoring all his social media pages to catch anyone.

Recently, one of such social media admirers was caught by the OAP on her husband's page after the lady in question came admiring the young captain and Toolz immediately acknowledged yes, her husband is an handsome dude which do not need to be told.

According to the lady, Jennymassy27, “you really a good looking guy” and Toolz was like, “Jennymass27, yes he is, thank you.”