Mercy Aigbe Spit Fire!! On Thisdaystyle for Not Featuring 'RAZZ' 'LOCAL' Yoruba actor On Their cover

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe, is a darling of many that she treats everyone with care because she knows that her career today has been made possible by fans and the media and as such, she appreciates every effort put in making her who she is today.

The actress wrong side was seen recently after fans had called her out about a popular paper not recognizing her fashion style but rather included top names in the industry.

Mercy had got lots of applauds especially on her outfit to the just concluded Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards, which left everyone wishing to have such an outfit which was tipped as one of the best but her dressing never got to the cover of paper fashion style.

Mercy reacting to this, pointed out to her fans that she has been silent for a while but will like to point out that the paper does not recognize Yoruba actors because they believe they are razz and local but prefer those English actors with fake British accent.

Pouring out her mind, she said, “Hey Fans, so I just came back from church and decided to check IG only for me to see plenty tags on a particular pix posted by Thisdaystyle. I read people's comments asking why Mercy isn't on the cover and at first I wanted to waka pass, but on a second thought I decided to talk about it, because it's been an issue that has lingered for too long! I thought to myself why didn't Mercy make the cover of Thisdaystyle best dressed list?

“Has Thisdaystyle ever featured a Yoruba actor on their cover? Are Yoruba movies not part of Nollywood? Is Nollywood not supposed to mean home grown Nigerian movies? Hmmmmm, I am very sure they didn't because, they won't want to STAIN their cover with a 'RAZZ' 'LOCAL' Yoruba actor! Yes I am razz, Yes I am local and Yes I am a Yoruba actor! No I refuse to speak your almighty English with fake British or American accent! Because I'll always remain true to myself! I am ME, Proud Benin Woman, Proud Ijesha's wife and above all proud Nigerian, and just in case e still dey be una like dream 'LOCAL TI TAKE OVER'”