I don’t Misbehave Anymore, My Wife Puts Me In Order- Chuddy K

Source: Nigeriafilms.com

Once upon a time Chukwudi Ken Agali aka Chuddy K was one of the hottest artistes in the country, until he disappeared from Nollywood. Chuddy K ran into troubled waters with his recording label's boss and everything fell apart. Chuddy K is not regretting what happened but he has promised that he would never misbehave again.

“I am not regretting what happened because I'm alive and happy. I am more focused now because I have a wife who puts me in order. In fact, I don't misbehave anymore in terms of clubbing, because we partied like animals back then. It's about the future and my family now,” he confessed.

Chuddy K continued: “I've got different experiences about how record labels should be run and how to treat your artiste. At the end of the day, it's the artiste that makes money for the label and not you fronting as record label boss because if the artiste is not happy and fresh, that can motivate him to stand on his own. You shouldn't enslave anybody; you just have to help them to get to the top, help them to be who they really are.

“Yes, you're spending money, but you would even make more money. It all depends on how you manage yourself. It is not just about saying that you are the owner of the record label and just bragging, meanwhile, you're not doing the right things.

“We might be young but one day, we will all grow up. If you keep maltreating a child, when he grows up, he will know this and that are the things you did to him. It will now be left for him to make his own choice whether to do the same thing to his own child or make his child a better person.”