Peter, Paul, Jude, Howie T, Tell Their Sides Of The Story As To What Caused The Psquare Split


SAN FRANCISCO, March 18, (THEWILL) –  While we patiently wait for the whole brouhaha between the Okoye brothers to unravel, we're keeping tabs on what all parties concerned are saying.

We brought you news about Peter Okoye changing management from that of his brother, Jude's to Olatunde Michaels and confirming the PSquare breakup by changing his stage name to Mr .P.

Paul Okoye on the other hand, in a recent interview with MTV Base, though confirmed they were having family issues, refused to shed light on what's really going on.

While it has become common knowledge that there's some trouble between Peter and Jude, we've not quite been able to put a finger on it, till now that is.

Howie T, PSquare's first ever manager in a recent interview with NET said Peter told him that their elder brother, Jude is the main problem with PSquare.

According to him, “When I saw Peter's Tweets, I called him and even went to see him to talk to him about it. He said Jude is the problem that he doesn't have any issue with Paul.”

“He told me that in a normal setting, a manager is supposed to be their employee and not the other way round, but Jude always uses his influence as their elder brother to boss over them. He also said managers collect between 15 – 25 % of an artiste's income but in their case they share everything equally and he's not happy with that sharing formula.”

As to what led too their split exactly, he disclosed that Jude and Paul voted to have more of Paul's songs on their albums than Peter's.

He said: “Peter is a composer, dancer and singer, when they sit down to vote on songs that'll make their album, Paul and Jude vote for more of Paul's songs than Peter's and these are the things that pisses him off'.

“It has gone beyond just beef now, there's a lot of ego at play,” he stated.

As far as he's concerned, Jude needs to step away for there to still be a PSquare.

Well, here's Jude's response to that:
Please i stopped being Psquares management for over a month now (for the 4th time). Let me be at PEACE. Thank you

— JUDE Engees OKOYE (@judeengees) March 17, 2016

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