Finally, Jude Okoye Speaks About His Brothers P-Square Challenges

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/
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The lingering crisis between the P-Square brothers does not seems to have an end as the parties involved do not still seems comfortable with each other's intentions.

Peter Okoye had about a month ago made a public rant about what he wants when it comes to managerial aspect of their career which has been in care of their elder brother Jude until Peter decided to see how he can put an end to it.

The decision of having another manager apparently did not go down well with the trio as they all had their opinion on the issue yet the unity is still not there as they have all gone their separate ways.

To put an end to all that has been said about him, Jude has finally spoken out by letting who cares to listen that he is no longer the manger of P-Square.

In his words, “Please I stopped being P-Square's management for over a month now (for the 4th time). Let me be at PEACE. Thank you.”