Dr. Mukwege speaks at British Embassy Kinshasa

By British Embassy Kinshasa
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On 16 March the British Embassy hosted Dr. Denis Mukwege, doctor at Panzi Hospital in DRC, whose invaluable work has helped victims of sexual violence in DRC for several years. During a press conference Dr. Mukwege took questions from diplomats and international press present in Kinshasa.

Welcoming the UK's ongoing commitment to tackling sexual violence in DRC, Dr. Mukwege outlined the challenges that remain. He said that those responsible for sexual violence must be held to account for their crimes. He urged the government to take action on this, and to protect survivors and pay reparations where these were due.

The UK welcomes the engagement of Dr. Mukwege and other activists on this issue, and the steps taken by the DRC government. The UK will continue to support their efforts to help put an end to the scourge of sexual violence.