Caroline Danjuma Organizes Social Media Protest for Women

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Nollywood actress, Caroline Danjuma, is not happy with the Nigerian Senate especially for kicking against the gender equality bill.

The actress came out to call for a social media protest for women to be able to drive home their point till it gets to the Senate.

Caroline, who has done well for herself both as an actress and entrepreneur, stressed that women deserves equal right and should not be set aside for whatever reason.

“The men in the senate voted against equal rights for women. We the women in the public must pass our message till it gets to the senate. It starts with you if you feel you deserve better as a woman in this nation. I plead with every woman out there to leave out their differences and use their social media handle to speak out till we are heard. Women deserve better, equal rights for all

"Are we women going to remain quiet while we are robbed off our rights based on traditions created by MEN? It's all in your hands women. The ruin and the success of a nation is in the hands of women. Let the nation choose wisely. Standing ovation to the men who support their women and empower them. We need more of them," she wrote.