Nigerian Olaoluwa Okelola Sets Mark Zuckerberg Up at Facebook HQ

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Mark Zuckerberg , the owner of Facebook has some of the smartest guys in the world around him as engineers and one of them is a Nigerian, Olaoluwa Okelola. Okelola had set up Zuckerberg at the Facebook HQ with an Oculus sensor and fast food below his table.

Zuckerberg has written on his official page “One of our engineers set a trap for me using an Oculus sensor. I'm not going to fall for it, Olaoluwa Okelola!

People are asking “How did Mark spot that something was amiss? It's so inconspicuous.” We can never tell how the billionaire never fell into such eating temptation. If you are wondering who Okelola is, he is the Master at Facebook and Software Engineer at Facebook, studied Systems and Computer Science at Howard University and lives in San Francisco, California. He is from Lagos State and we can say that he should put master of manipulation also in his bio