Hannah Ojo : journalist go extra mile to create controversial stories on celebrity

Source: Nigeriafilms.com

Hannah Ojo : I'm not a controversial person

Nollywood actress and model, Hannah Seyi Ojo,is a lady with many talents, she is also wedding planner and modeling instructor. Over the years, we have seen her in many movies and TV dramas.

She started acting since 2005 after she went for an audition. However, she denied that controversy sells in Nollywood.

She said “I'm not a controversial person. I've not been involved in any act of controversy, at least none that I can remember. That is because controversy is not my thing.”

About controversy selling “Well, my take is this; if you think controversy sells, then go look for one. It's because you're a journalist and you guys always pray to get one. You people also go the extra mile to create controversy where there's none. But as for me, I know what I want in the industry and I don't think I need controversy to get it.

Talking about her most challenging “Every role given to me is challenging. I say this considering the fact that they are not the same. Every role comes with its own uniqueness and needs a bit of professional prowess which the actor must deliver. All that put together makes them most challenging.