Jesse Jagz Explains Why indigenous rappers are more successful


Jesse Jagz is one of finest rappers in the country, who recently walked his way back to the Chocolate City, after he dumped the record label to set up his label, Jagz Nation, about three years ago. He has revealed why indigenous rappers are more successful

“The rap scene in Nigeria is blossoming, the top five artistes in Nigeria are probably rappers. When it comes to Lagos, Indigenous rappers are more successful because of the cultural heritage and the way the Yoruba language is being adopted in their music. I have also adopted the Yoruba language in some of my new songs. All these things have to be put into consideration.”

Sometime ago, he revealed that ““I don't think there is anyone to compete with, because I don't see myself as a very good rapper. I would probably like to stay at a place with a lot of rappers and listen to them rap so as to learn from their craft.”