Rukky Sanda Fights A Hater With Hurting Words

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The fact remains we are not sure who our Rukky Sanda is fighting but whoever, the person is, must have hurt her so bad that she has reduced the person to nothing with her ranting. She took to her Instagram page to say this…

"People be out there worried about u, worried about ur blissful life, worried about ur smile, worried about what u eat, taking Tylenol in their homes or caves when they feel u just might av caught a headache from d bs they just went in on about u*** why is she awake* why is she sleeping* why is she not fat* why is she wearing that? Why* Why* Why* Why is she so blessed? Why does she look happy? Why is she even happy? #whyher? #whythem?

"Hang in there and keep asking why darln & keep doing what ure blessed at* spreading negativity* envy* jealousy* & hate* u don't need answers to y ur life is as bitter as it is*** do d math & add it up* Cos we out Herre balling & living the incredibly blessed blissful happy healthy fun life like****

"A1 everything... #positivityOnlyattractsPOSITIVITY... U attract what u think, wish and speak generally and unto others so we do not feel sorry for u and ur situation. I don't feel sorry for u darln*