Top 5 Tips To A Safe Gaming Experience


Games are enjoyed by everyone. It can be interactive, social and fun. However, excessive gaming can be addictive. This addiction has been accelerated by the introduction of online games which is not helped as many phones are now internet compatible.

If you use your system for regular gaming, it is important to protect yourself as well as your personal computer., Africa's No 1 hotel booking portal shares tips on how to have a secure and safe gaming experience.

Only play on trusted sites
The rule of thumb for surfing the internet is that you should only visit trusted sites. This is the same thing for gaming. If you have doubts about the site do not bother to play any games as hackers can take over your system. If possible, you can use a site advisor extension like McAfee. The site advisor will immediately alert you if the site is unsafe.

Security software
If you are surfing the internet without any antivirus, you are exposing yourself to internet attack. So, this should be one of the first things you should do if you want to have a safe gaming experience. The better the security software, the safer and secured the gaming experience will be.

Don’t Share Personal Information
Creating an online identity means you will be releasing your personal information which may include name, addresses, age, pictures, passwords and other private information. If it is possible to use pseudo-information, do so, rather than providing all your information online.

Watch out for cyber-bullying
Today, many children are being bullied online by friends, and classmates without the knowledge of their parents. If your children play online games, it is important to check if they are being harassed. Some game software often allows users to block players that are abusive or foul-fingered when playing games.

Be Careful when buying in-app purchases
Quite a number of gaming platforms make money by selling things like extra guns, extra firepower, and extra lives. There are no limits to these purchases especially of you are addicted to it and you want to continue the game at all cost. However, you know that when making these purchases, you are required to provide your credit card number. It is advisable to think about this gaming purchase carefully before you buy any of these things online.