BHM Explores Olajumoke’s Story In “Concept Of Virality”

By BHM Group
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LAGOS| NIGERIA: Black House Media’s Research & Intelligence team has presented a research report highlighting the concept of virality, with Nigerian hawker-turned-model Olajumoke Orisaguna as case study.

Presenting the story of Olajumoke as a case study, “The Concept Of Virality Report” outlines the DNA of a viral story and using research and data, it explains how she became rapidly popular, why some brands are benefiting from associating with her while others have experienced failure in attempting to do the same, and crucially how brands, agencies and content marketers can recognize opportunities to create or join movements and content that capture the imagination of the world.

By comparing the Olajumoke story to other case studies from Nigeria and abroad, the research, complied by the BHM Research & Intelligence (BRI) team seeks to explore the concept of virality according to online patterns.

Incorporating various social media trends like Najatu Muhammed’s refusal of Buhari’s appointment, Bobak Ferdowsi’s Mohawk hair cut, Don Jazzy and Olamide’s “Leave trash for LAWMA” and the Nigerian Identity Management Commission (NIMC)’s failed attempt to jump on the Olajumoke story, the report brings together vast amounts of data on various viral trends around the world.

Speaking about “The Concept Of Virality Report” CEO BHM Group Ayeni Adekunle said,

“The story of Olajumoke has been credited to several things from hardwork, to chance, to luck, to prayers, to God, to courage and many other things. Understanding the factors that made Olajumoke Orisaguna go viral can help brands recognize opportunities to create or latch on to moments and content that can get the world talking.”

“We decided to come up with this research work because in the business of content creation and marketing, brand and perception management, Public Relations and communications as a whole, it is important to have reliable data and bodies of research to refer to when making decisions regarding future content direction. We believe that ‘The Concept Of Virality’ will give our industry a deep insight into how to understand and appeal better to the imagination of the audiences we interact with on a daily basis.”

Using Olajumoke as a case study, the report attempts to provide lessons for PR professionals, Social and Digital Media marketers, creative agencies, brand managers and content teams. It features prior trends on the internet, citing research and case studies to empirically examine Olajumoke’s initial discovery and her personally chosen/ professionally dictated path.

Released on Saturday 5th of March 2016, ‘The Concept Of Virality’ is available for download here

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