GUS: Bob-Manuel Udokwu fails task

Source: Nonye Ben-Nwankwo -

If somebody had told Bob Manuel Udokwu that he would be among the first contestants to leave the Gulder Ultimate Search: Celebrity Showdown reality show, he would not have believed it.In fact, the actor was shocked when he found out that he was the last to finish the task that was given to them earlier this week. The likes of Obesere and Daddy Showkey beat him to it.

Since Udokwu had anchored the regular GUS show, most viewers had expected him to remain in the race to the end. Bob probably felt as much, from the way he carried on all the while. Even his fellow contestants had addressed him as 'chairman', a title he readily accepted.

Rather than feel bad about his early exit, he took it quite calmly and philosophically. ”The experience for me was a wonderful one. I came here to have fun, having anchored the previous GUS editions. But I enjoyed being in the midst of my colleagues these past four days. No doubt, it has given me a different perspective on each and every one of them,”he said.

On the other hand, Chioma Chukwuka and Muma Gee are still behaving like sworn enemies. It is obvious that Chioma does not like Muma and any little thing the latter does seems to irritate her.

Muma is still unmoved by Chioma's nasty remarks. She still carries herself so well, not minding how the other ladies in the camp feel about her.

Meanwhile, her fondness for Emeka Ike is so glaring, judging by their show of camaraderie at the last edition.