Despite Family Issues, Paul Okoye Acquires Another Property

Source: Joy Akosa/
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Recently, OAP Freeze of Cool Fm, wrote a short article, addressing Nigerians as people with 'poverty mentality'. In his article he noted that he is not pleased with Nigerians, condemning Nigerians for overly celebrating Olajumoke while they ignored Ayodele Dada who graduated from UNILAG with a perfect CGPA of 5.0.

Blogger and publicist Joy Akosa replies him in this article;

'It seems like you don't know what to write or you are looking for attention as usual. I just read the piece you wrote about Nigerians having poverty mentality.

Yes you are right by saying we should also celebrate Ayodele Daniel Dada, the first Nigerian to finish university with a perfect CGPA of 5.0, but what is wrong if you start with the celebration.

TYbello discovered Olajumoke and polished her to a shining stone as you call it, Ciara discovered another hawker, she even celebrated a Nigerian student by name Akeem who drew a portrait of her. Who have you celebrated? who have you discovered?, whose life have you changed? All you do is to buy wrist watches.

April by Kunbi decided to style Olajumoke because that's her line and that's the little way she could support since Olajumoke was discovered as a model. Is Ayodele a model? If no one celebrated him, you can start and stop crucifying others.