Daddy Freeze cries out against cyber Bulling

Source: Hope Efoghe/

It's becoming alarming, seeing the rate of cyber bulling in the country. Even celebrities are not left out as they seem to be latest target of bullies.

Everyone has been called upon to fight against cyber bulling, so it can stop .Many celebrities has joined the protest as they do not keep quite anymore when they are being bullied.

Recently, freeze spoke about a Unilag student, Ayodele Dada who came out with a 5.0 and was not celebrated like Olajumoke the bread seller.

Apparently some saw him as an enemy of progress hating on Jumoke and someone among the angry individuals attacked him.

According to the OAP, he was called a yellow crayfish and he didn't like that at all, this made freeze come out to advice every one to fight against cyber bulling.

He wrote: “let's all stand against cyber bulling. Because of my last article, a woman called me a yellow crayfish. If I wasn't confident in my color, I would have been tempted to Tan. People should feel free to make comment or suggestions without insulting or using vulgar words.”