Top 3 Free Video Editing Apps For Smartphones


With the fast development of smartphones with impressive processing power, solid cameras, and varied internal storage capacities in the Nigerian tech market today, you do not need to be certified or have professional cameras shoot a video. It is now plausible to turn your mobile phone or tablet into a mobile movie studio.

Whether you are an aspiring movie producer or director, there are now a plethora of editors that allows you to shoot and edit video without necessarily breaking the bank. These apps which are not only very convenient and easy to use, are time-saving and offer high-quality results as well.

Read on to discover’s top 3 free video editing apps to trim your clips down to size, add a soundtrack and captions, apply transitions or special effects.

Adobe Premiere Clip (Android, iOS) (Free)
Number 1 on our list, Adobe Premiere Clip is a free solid multi-purpose video editing tool that is compatible with Android and iOS. This app allows users to automatically stitch videos together or provides more solid editing tools for creating amazing videos right on your mobile device. All you need to do is drag and drop photos and video clips in a timeline interface, add transitions and music, and even import custom special effects from other Adobe Creative Cloud tools. The process is fast and easy and makes it very easy to create videos on the go. The perk of using this app is that users can share photos to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. And aside from letting users distribute saved videos on social media, you can export them to Adobe's Creative Cloud and polish the videos on the desktop.

Magisto ,a web application and mobile app compatible with Android and iOS, provides free automatic video editing service for new users who do not have the technical skill required for detailed video editing. The app lets the user take photos and videos, then experiment with basic edits, like trims, filters and transitions. Basically, they input a title, choose from a selection of audio tracks to accompany the video, upload the clips, then wait for it to process. A huge advantage of this app is that it features an algorithm that selects the best snaps and video clips, then incorporates the cuts and effects to fit the music and material.

A free cloud-based Android and iOS video editor app, WeVideo is an intuitive app for trimming and cropping video. It allows users stitch together photos and videos into a single video presentation by letting them take photos or video with the app or even use existing file, arrange the select videos and photos on a timeline, trim, add a soundtrack, and select a style for transitions, effects, overlays and captions. Aside from your phone, you could use this app on other smart gadgets through the cloud, or on the desktop WeVideo editor. The thing about this app though is that the free users get watermarks on their videos, and have a limit of 5 minutes of published video time monthly.