Luxury Night Experience With The Macallan Whisky

By Funmi Okeowo
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‚ÄčBrian Munro premium scotch brand “The Macallan” hosted some high net worth individuals to a luxury interactive private tasting event.

The event was held on Wednesday, February 24, 2016 at the prestigious intercontinental hotel at the Private Milano restaurant.

Guests and Whisky connoisseurs were given an opportunity to awaken and deepen the appreciation of fine spirit, expand their knowledge of the different variations of the single malt Scotch Whisky, and experience first-hand what makes The Macallan a cut above the rest.

To kick off the 9-course meal luxury event, Abayomi Ajao, the Head of Marketing introduced The Macallan to the guests while the Managing Director of Brian Munro; Paul Wilson welcomed the guests to the room and talked the guests through the importance of the barrels, the finished product and the history of the Macallan.

While being serenaded with various forms of entertainment from singers to violinists, Gbemi Olajide, the Brand Manager, took the guests through the various tasting notes as they sampled Macallan variants including the Amber, Sienna, Ruby & Rare Cask.

On display at the event was the $6000 bottle of the premium Macallan; The Macallan ‘M’, that sparked conversation around the room.

The evening wrapped up with a toast to The Macallan as guests walked away with some additional knowledge and appreciation for the single malt whisky.

The Macallan is available for purchase at Luxeria Spirits; 16 Akin Adesola street, Victoria Island, Lagos

About The Macallan
The Macallan whisky is one of the most sought after scotch having built a reputation for quality and prestige.

They say Macallan is the malt whisky by which all other single malts will be judged.

Produced in its Speyside distillery since 1824, using only the finest natural ingredients the Macallan is adored by Whisky Connoisseurs everywhere.

A key factor in the production of this outstanding whisky is the quality of the oak casks in which maturation takes place. These casks are the single greatest contributor to the brand’s outstanding quality, natural colours and distinctive aromas and flavours.

The Macallan spends more than any other distillery in sourcing, crafting, seasoning and caring for its casks. It uses Spanish sherry-seasoned oak casks which delivers flavours and aromas of chocolate, orange, dried fruits and spices, American sherry-seasoned oak casks which provide sweet citrus, spice, vanilla and oak flavours and aromas and, lastly, American bourbon-seasoned oak barrels to give flavours and aromas of sweet citrus, coconut and oak.

Of course words can provide a good idea of what one might expect but it is only when you taste The Macallan that you will experience the full realization of what we are talking about.

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About The Macallan Luxury Dinners
The Luxury Dinners are a series of dinners aimed at introducing the Macallan to High Net Worth Individuals in the respective countries. The dinner platform is used to promote the brand, recruit consumers through tasting of the ranges and retain them through a loyalty programme into The Macallan Elite Club.

The dinners comprises of tasting the various ranges available in the specific countries in a dinner setting while been entertained to good music.