Good Women are Hard to Find, Appreciate The one you Have…Paul Okoye Warns

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/
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These days, the high rate of divorce cases has been on the increase and domestic violence which has made some women vow not to be under the control if any man.

It is also being said that behind every successful man there is always a good woman and with this, some churches have continued to advice couples on things to do in other to have a good and vibrant home.

Recently, one of the P-Sqaure duo, Paul Okoye, has come out to thank God on behalf of some women who have stood from the scratch with their man to build a good home with him.

Paul, who shared a meme which reads, “Shout out to the women who aren't afraid of being with a man who is a work in progress,” stated that such good women are worth appreciating as their type is scarce to see these days.

In his words, “Those type of women are hard to find. Always thank God if you have such a woman.”