Julius Agwu Does not Call Me Except to Come and Buy a Table…Charly Boy

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nigeriafilms.com

During some couple of days back, it was almost an issue between singer and social crusader, Charles Oputa better known as Charly Boy and comedian, Julius Agwu, after Charly Boy had come out to air his opinion about the comedian's 'Life As I See It' show which took place on February 14, in Abuja.

Charly Boy had after the event decided to call on the comedian to focus more on making people laugh rather than turning the stage to a pulpit and it seems this did not go down well with the comedian who later used a picture to make a mockery of the singer.

Well, Charly Boy, known for his blunt way of life has spoken again and this time he made it known that he felt Julius had ripped him off his money because he turned the event to a revival.

He told Punch that he has always been in good terms with the comedian but Julius does not call him except when he needs him to come and buy a table.

According to him, “I just felt ripped off. Like I said, I was looking at other people's faces and I could see the disgust. They came to laugh because there is so much frustration around. I came there to roll on the floor and laugh my head off.

“Rather, it was like a revival and I don't think it is right. He has not reached out to me. He only does that when he has a show and needs me to come and buy a table. There is no problem with that. I am not a comedian, I only gave my advice as a big brother.”