Olajumoke’s Hubby Sunday Orisaguna Speaks On Her Rise To Stardom

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BEVERLY HILLS, February 26, (THEWILL) – Sunday Orisaguna, husband of the sensational bread seller turned model, ambassador and many more, Jumoke Orisaguna has broken his silence on his wife's accelerated rise to stardom.

In an interview with Encomium magazine , Sunday who's usually pictured with Jumoke carrying their second child talks his wife's move to Lagos, his feelings about Jumoke's new career and more.

Read excerpts below…
How do you feel today?
I am very happy. I never expected it. I didn't know things will turn around for us this soon. I wasn't expecting it. I cannot express how I feel today. I didn't know we can get to where we are today. From the time I was born till now. It is overwhelming. I didn't ever envisage such a great thing. I didn't know we can ever get here.

Now that she is in Lagos, are you also coming over?

Yes, that is what we are praying for. We need to relocate. We need accommodation and every other thing. Lagos is not an easy place. We didn't know we would get a house. We don't know how far it is from the house and her work place. You have to consider the traffic and everything. Unless one has a personal car we can use to drive her to work so that she wouldn't be late for work. I will go back home to bring my other daughter so that we can all come over to Lagos.

Do you like the work your wife is doing?
Yes, I like it. I am really excited about it.
Do you feel threatened that she is now famous and has gone ahead of you?

I am not afraid because when we had nothing, she was always there. If I said I needed this, she would give me. I am not afraid. If she is rich today, we both own it. I trust her for that. She has been a very good wife. I believe she will continue to be good.