The Okoye Brothers Want To Ruin My Life, Cynthia Morgan Cries Out!!

Source: Hope Efoghe/

It's no longer news that the Okoye brothers are on longer heads, which is not yet resolved. Among the reason for the misunderstanding was Cynthia Morgan, whom Peter claimed to have discovered first but was snatched by his elder brother Jude without his knowledge.

The German Juice singer has been silent since, but has recently spoken out as she claimes to be disturbed about the situation of the Okoye brothers.

Though she said she was warned by her boss Jude not to interfere or write out any article, but she just couldn't control how she felt about the whole saga.

Cynthia has called out the brothers to try and resolve whatever differences they are having and get back to the studio because she would not let them ruin her dreams of having a collaboration with them, neither will she let them ruin her life further.

In her words: “you guys are ruining people's life and giving people a failing option. And even you guys want to ruin my life the more, Cynthia Morgan with no P-square collaboration? We no go agree o, my boss is not aware of this, he has warned me not to put out any article without consulting him, so I know he might kill me for this, am sorry in advance . Peter and Paul need to get back in the studio.”