I’m not thinking of marriage now

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Bukky Wright might be single and separated. She might be beautiful and head-turning. She might have all the come-on-hither looks. But she is not available – at least, not for marriage. And that is authentic. She said so herself.

For the screen siren who insists she is not yet a star, after one unsuccessful marriage, two failed relationships and two kids to the bargain, there's a whole lot of other things to set one's eyes on beyond marriage. “I am not thinking of marriage now,” the delectable cross-over actress told Saturday Sun during the week. “I'm not thinking of marriage at the moment. I want to live in the present”, she insists. Now you know. Ms Wright is not in search of Mr. Right.

It would seem this ability to forget the future and plunge deep into the job at hand has paid off over the years. For Ms. Wright remains one of the most visible cross-over actresses in the movie industry today. The light complexioned and very talented role interpreter got her major break with Wale Adenuga's Super Story a few years back. Since then she's not stopped captivating her fans and admirers. In the process too, she has created some of the most salacious media scandals, though she insists her innocence was feasted upon by the celebrity media.

Managing fame, fortune and glamour
But Bukky believes that, despite all this, she has been able to marry her fame and glamour and still keep her head high. How? You'd ask. And she goes: “Well, I'll say it is hard work and by God's grace and the help of people like you (the writer). I'll also say it is dedication and ability to give my best at all times. With all these, I think I've been able to manage it”.
It is also these factors that Bukky says have been able to make her stand out from the crowd. “I don't say others don't put in their best, but in my own case, I try as much as possible to give my best and I leave the rest to God and for the people to judge”

Combining Yoruba and English flicks
Well, if I tell you hardwork again, it will sound somehow. But like I said to you, I put in my best in anything I do. I want to do my best and leave the rest for God and people to judges.I think this has been the magic; nothing more. I'm a very hardworking person. I don't take chances at all when it comes to my job. I take every little thing I do seriously. That is just it.

When the cameras are off me
Outside the razzmatazz of acting, Bukky says she is a reserved person once the cameras are off.
“I'm a very quiet person. Very homely. As you can see, if I am not on location, I'm in my house, trying to go about my other private business. But I know I am a very quiet person. A lot of people that would not be able to understand me, would say she's snobbish, she is this, she's that. But I believe I'm a very friendly person. Very active. But atimes, I can be an introvert, if I choose to”.

Extrovert or introvert?
“Well, you know people are very funny and they have every right to their own opinion. But, I believe I'm more an introvert than an extrovert.”

The first time I faced the camera
Bukky remains grateful to Fidelis Duker who she says “gave me the first chance”. That was over 10 years ago on the set of Images. “That was the first time”.
But she has also had to live with the memories of her first time out on set.

'The first time I faced the camera wasn't easy. I don't know, if I should say it was under pressure, because I was given the script, there and then. And I had to face the camera with the lines, and then, action!! So, it was not very easy. But I remember sometimes that I had to go for audition, and I told myself that I'm going to become a star one day. I thank God, I'm not a star yet, but at least, I am striving so hard to be relevant in the industry”.

Suffice it to say, however, that since that first time, she has gone on to do so many flicks that she can't now remember all. She has also tried her hands at producing – with flicks like Owo Ale (her first), 7'oclock, Agbeke, Temi Ni Nkem and the forthcoming Dugbe Dugbe to Nbo. But besides all this, she still finds time for a little buying and selling business on the side, run the home and take care of her children.

In spite of scandals
Bukky says she loves acting so much that she cannot contemplate being in another profession. “It gives me happiness. Once I get happiness, there's nothing like going back. I enjoy what I am doing and I hope to do it for as long as God wishes”.

How old is Bukky Wright now?
One fact Ms Wright never fails to remind anyone who cares to listen is the fact that she grew up “in a very nice environment, a comfortable one. And I've been trained to be a very friendly nice person to people; accommodating - and that's exactly what I'm still living with”.
It would seem it's this 'accommodating' nature that makes Bukky unable to dodge one question every other woman would want to dodge when you pop the question; how old is Bukky Wright now?
After a long pause, she smiles. “Well, I'm in my late thirties. I'm actually going be thirty-eight”
When is that?
(Long pause again … as if unwilling) she smiles. “Very soon. Emm … 31st of March”.
And she is quick to add that it has been a good life and that there's nothing providence has held back from her.

“I'll rather not discuss that, but to be frank with you, I'm not thinking of marriage at the moment. I want to live in the present. I'm busy working and I've my kids to give all the love to. I'm not thinking of marriage at all.

And looking back seeing my children, it gives me so much joy”.
The decision never to brood over spilt milk actually derives from Bukky's philosophy about life: Don't live in the past. Always move on with the future. And … if you are running a race, never you mind opposition, because the moment you start minding opposition, forget about winning that race”.

…And relationships?
“Relationship! Well, it's not something I'll like to discuss on the pages of newspaper. But I must say that I take life as it comes, that's it.”

Romance with Bolaji Basia
One of the most recent scandals that Bukky has had to battle is the relationship between her and her erstwhile financier and alleged lover Bolaji Saheed a.k.a. Bolaji Basia. Bukky would not serve any more salacious stories on this.
“I told you I don't want to discuss these things on the pages of newspapers” she insists.
If she would not say anything on the said love affair, did a business relationship then exist (or still exists) between them? You press further.
On that score she concedes some information: “Well, I told you I don't live in the past. But business relationship does exist. That is just it”.