What Is Tekno Doing With An Old Woman Enough To Be His Mother, Fan Blast

Source: Hope Efoghe/Nigeriafilms.com

I have been reporting social media bulling for a while now, and it obviously look like it wouldn't stop any time soon.

Some fans are beginning to turn into a torn on the flesh to some celebrities, as they use any opportunity gotten to rant.

Recently, MMMG artist, Tekno became a target, as a fan come for him after he posted a photo of himself and an unknown lady.

The fan called the lady old, and asked Tekno why he was with an old woman enough to be his mother. Like other victim of bullies, Tekno replied saying, the fan shouldn't be on social media, as he is old enough to the ladies dad.

He wrote: “ Time keeper, you are actually old enough to be her dad, what are you doing on instagram!”