Shan George Shares Exhibit of How She Fed an Hungry OAP

Source: Hope Efoghe/
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Light skin actress, Shan George has been off the big screen for a long time now. During her days in Nollywood, she was one of the most sort after actress.

Though she no longer act, but she is very vibrant in the entertainment industry. She owns a music label named Shandel productions.

The actress, who wanted to promote her son's video, allegedly made a payment of 100 thousand to a sound city employee to promote the video on their platform.

“This person Andrew Ameh Ujah alias DRO who works with Souncity insisted I pay him 100 thousand before he plays a music video I was promoting. This is evidence of that payment. He has not played that video even once, since then. When I asked him what's up, he said my video Summer Rose by Jaga, directed by Mattmax is a rubbi9sh video and that's why he didn't play it. A video he saw and approved before asking me to pay 100 thousand. Yet he didn't refund my money.”