Why Femi 'Fourscore' Eased-out Fraudulent Facility Manager of Shalom Apartments

By The Citizen
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Residents of upscale Shalom Apartments on Mosely Road, Ikoyi, Lagos, have come out in defence of the developer of the luxury estate, Mr. Femi Osibona (popularly known as 'Femi Fourscore') who also owns Four Score Properties Limited, saying that irreconcilable differences between the former facility manager, Ms. Bukola Odusanwo, and homeowners of Shalom Apartments forced them to ease her out.

The real estate business is fraught with all sorts of problems but the post-construction phase can sometimes be trickier, particularly in the build-to-buy market.

It was in this phase that Osibona and other homeowners at Shalom Apartments had a minor face-off with the facility management firm owned by Odusanwo - Pro-consult LLC Global Limited – which was introduced to them by one of the homeowners in the estate, one resident said.

'She was aggrieved because we let her go and then went to post online that Osibona was wanted by the police over a N40 million debt. That was in 2012. The police was not looking for him. In fact, everybody knows that he developed and lives at Shalom Apartments.

'What actually happened was that not even the person who brought her knew anything about her. She started siphoning money from the maintenance purse and conspiring with the supplier of diesel, so we got to know and when we confronted her with the evidence and asked her to go, she came with another tune, saying many people in the estate owed her.

'She was the person who collected money and ran away. There are many dignitaries living here (Shalom Apartments) who don't have the time to contest bills and she capitalised on this and diverted their money. Osibona built the estate; he did not employ her but the estate did.

'It was when we realised that she was duping us and causing confusion that we kicked her out. She is the one that owed us and not us owing her; she almost ran the place aground and during her stay here the place was in disarray,' the resident said of the incident in 2012.

He said peace returned after her contract was terminated, adding that her reaction did not bother the residents and that Shalom Apartments is now managed by a competent firm.

The upscale facility is now managed by AMFacilities, a reputable firm in the real estate industry.

Shalom Apartments comprises 36 luxury flats, four penthouses, a swimming pool and gym.