67 years old Lebanese slaughtered in Kano

By Abubakar Haruna Muhammad -The Nigerian Voice, Kano
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Police authority in Kano confirmed the death of a 67 years old Lebanese allegedly slaughtered by his close associate.

The Commissioner of police, Muhammad Musa Katsina told NIGERIAN VOICE on phone today that the incident occured at the deceased resident located at Unity road of Kano Central Business District. Mr. Katsina said that already 4 suspects have been arrested in connection with the gruesome murder of the Lebanese, adding that they have so offered useful information.

The Commissioner of police sid that details of the crime would be made known to public in due course.

som,e peoples interview at the unity road kasuwar kwari kano explain the deceased as a silent and respected man who is no where you will find him in any trouble.

Sabity Bala one of the shadda cloth seller s who sell his product immediately after the house where this man killed recall that BABA use to great each and every one here when he came out in the morning on his way to his company, who is located at sharada, even yesterday i saw his car coming to the house around 08:23 in the night and at that time i am about to leave market to my house we great each other, that was my last talk with hiom, sabitu lamented.

In the morning that was troday i came out to market around 08:30 suddenly i saw a huge crowd of people opposite my shop, later it was discovered that BABA the Lebanese man was killed by unidentified assasins, known as BABA i shade tears for him seriousely becouse baba is a good man, and i can remember less than one week he is telling me that he wants to go back to lebanon to see his brother becouse it has been 8 years he never seeing him, and unportunately look at what happend to him, sabitu said in tears.

The latest incident was coming on the heel of similar incident last week where unknown assailants slaughtered one Kabir Umar Gumel in his Yakasai home in the municipality barely 6 days he was declared missing by the family.