5 Mistakes women make in a relationships

Source: Hope Efoghe/Nigeriafilms.com
Every woman's dreams are to love and be loved, but there are exceptional cases, when you love and you don't get love in return. There are few mistakes that crashes relationships

1. Trying to change a man: you cannot change a man, a chameleon doesn't change its skin, if he doesn't love you, and there is hardly anything you can do to change the situation, rather than stay in such relationship and getting hurt daily, simple move on. Always remember that it's on a scale of 10% that you can successfully make a man who doesn't love you to love you.

2. Having a fling after a broken relationship: this would make you feel worse, rebound sex never heals, it only widens that vacuum you are making efforts to close.

3. Sticking to an Abusive partner: A man who lay's his hands on you do not love you, do not deceive yourself by making up excuses for him for hitting you, if he did it once he would do it over and over again, a woman is nobody's punching bag, then why allow yourself to be one?

4. Snooping into his gadgets: not all men love women who snoops around, if there is trust, you shouldn't do that, that single action can make him feel you do not trust him, even if you do not trust him, he deserves his space, do not invade into his privacy, everyone deserves privacy.

5. Trying to impress: no matter how much you love a man, do not try to impress him, be yourself, the moment the idea of trying to impress him comes up, you will miss it, men love ladies who are confident about themselves, trying to show him you are wife material would not work. They are not fools, even though they don't mention it, they certainly would know it's all a show, eye service.