How Do People That Get Married To Celebrities Feel?

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If I am told that I will marry a super star or a public figure how will I feel? First of all I am educated so if I marry a celebrity personality I can't look like an illiterate and I have good values, yes money is not the end of the world but money is good so if I marry a rich person it is ok, I can marry a public figure in usa, canada, uk , s.a and so forth.

It depends on my taste of choice of who I will choose as a love

partner. I can travel on a love relationship with my lover but I will

never demand for money from any public figure personality on the

internet in the name of love before I meet such person that want to

date me eye on eye and I think any public figure out side nigeria that

wish to go on a love relationship with me should invite me to their

country embassy for clear verification so that I will be seen as real

not to be a fake, I can cook very well and I am neat , I love home

cleaning and I love to write articles and stories , (orisha- ibeji)

ORACLE OF THE TWINS is one of the articles I wrote that the nigerian had published. Which celebrity can win my mind in love so

that I can de clear marriage? I have photos with ethnic models as my

model name is (olatokunbo). I have taken no money from any american

celebrities like akon or chris brown with other world singers or super

stars in the name of dating in love and in addition I have taken no

money on a winning prize of winning a same sex marriage first lady of

nigeria or usa from any type of government and I have not chosen ogun

state government nigeria for a future same sex marriage process, I

only state ted that if I am on a same sex marriage with nigeria that

president buhari office and the federal government of nigeria should

call me and let me know now to avoid stress of public talks and thank

God I am a good child I have not involved in drugs, so I am free to

choose any celebrity any where on earth for a love relationship, so if

I may ask nigerians, who do nigerians think I can marry among all the

celebrities on earth. . .message from kadiri facebook I d

[email protected]­­­­­­­­­­­­­­